Students without Borders: Educating Global Citizens

29 Січня 18:00

Запрошуємо взяти участь у міжнародному вебінарі на тему:

"Students without Borders: Educating Global Citizens"

Презентатор: Mariela Gil

Дата поведення: 29 січня 2020 року

Час проведення: 18.00 (за українським часом)

Students without Borders: Educating Global Citizens

We live in an increasingly globalized world that enriches our lives, but also poses huge challenges. In this webinar we’ll look how we can support students not just in developing the linguistic skills to navigate this world, but also the skills to thrive as global citizens. Participants will take home ideas for including global citizenship education in their classrooms.

Про презентатора:

Mariela Gil holds a Master’s degree in TESOL and a dual Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics and Psychology from the University of Southern California. She taught ESL in the U.S. and EFL in Thailand and Mexico before joining Macmillan Education in 2002. During her career in publishing, Mariela has held the positions of Academic Consultant, Field Editor, Commissioning Editor, and currently, Publisher for the American English Pre-Primary and Primary segment. She is passionate about childhood development and learning, as well as creating the best possible learning materials to support teachers and students in the classroom

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