Positive Classroom, Positive Results

15 Січня 13:00
Positive Classroom, Positive Results

Запрошуємо взяти участь у міжнародному вебінарі на тему:

"Positive Classroom, Positive Results"

Презентатор: Sarah Hillyard

Дата поведення: 15 січня 2020 року

Час проведення: 13.00 та 18.00 (за українським часом)

The positive Classroom

A positive classroom environment is one of the most important elements for successful learning. There is a tendency, however, to be vague about what exactly this means in practical terms. What are the different ways of creating a climate that is conducive to learning? This webinar will provide a space to reflect on the role and strategies of teachers in the creation of a positive classroom culture. Various teacher-tips will be given to discover the ingredients that go into making a thriving positive classroom that impacts positively on results.

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