Macmillan Ukraine: Back-to-School On-line Conference (Day 2)

29 Серпня 15:00
Macmillan Ukraine: Back-to-School On-line Conference (Day 2)

Macmillan Ukraine: Back-to-School On-line Conference

Дата поведення: 29 серпня 2019 року

Час проведення: 15.00 - 18.00 (за українським часом!!!)

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(!!! реєстраця відбувається лише за даним посиланням, на електронну адресу Ви отримаєте підтвердження реєстрації та лінк для підключення).

Електронні сертифікати Ви зможете завантажити з нашого сайту 29-30 серпня.

Програма заходу:

15.00 – 16.00 Тренінг 1: «Making it All Clear - structuring a learner-friendly language course», презентатори - Jacek Lagun та Czeslaw Kinski, Macmillan Teacher Trainers (на основі НМК “All Clear” для 5,б,7 класів)

Опис тренінгу:
Teaching teenagers a foreign language is a challenge. Some of it is due to their adolescent nature, but it is also caused by the fact that the language they are supposed to learn is a code they do not yet understand. One more issue an English teacher must deal with is that most humans cannot focus for longer than 10-15 minutes at one go and an average lesson is much longer.

In the presentation we will show you how to structure a lesson so that it remedies all the concerns enumerated above. You will be provided with ideas that will help you teach in a more effective and learner-friendly manner on a daily basis. Some illustration will come from All Clear, a great teenage course published by Macmillan.

16.00 – 17.00 Тренінг 2: «Lesson Planning 2.0 - how to tweak a lesson plan by providing your teenage students with constant challenge», презентатори - Jacek Lagun та Czeslaw Kinski, Macmillan Teacher Trainers (на основі НМК “Gateway” для 5 – 11 класів)

Опис тренінгу:
Our experience of working with teenagers shows that they need to be provided with the right degree of challenge in order to stay motivated. What’s more, meeting one challenge encourages our students to try again when another one appears due to the sense of achievement they get. In our presentation, we’re going to show that challenge is the key to making a class of teenagers focus, learn and enjoy the process in between.

Using a five-stage lesson plan as the outline of our presentation, we’re going to demonstrate how a modern language course, such as Gateway, can meet your students’ need for challenge. In keeping with recent research, which claims that introducing difficulties in learning is beneficial, we’ll show that working under time limits, discovering language patterns on one’s own, and dealing with cognitively demanding material, will significantly facilitate the learning process.

17.00 – 18.00 Тренінг 3: «Language Chunks in Action», презентатор – Marta Rosińska, автор НМК “GET 200”

Опис тренінгу:
This practical session will focus on Use of English tasks, and will present activities which raise students' awareness of lexical chunks, help students notice collocations, deal with word formation and paraphrasing, and practice vocabulary in an enjoyable and thorough way. A lot of the material will be based on Get 200, published by Macmillan with Ukrainian learners in mind.

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