Five years of digital innovation for dictionaries

19 Березня

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Dictionaries are now part of 'Search' - the way we use the Web for finding information of any kind. Most people who arrive at the Macmillan Dictionary come directly from Google or other search engines often without even specifying 'Macmillan'.

We'd like them to keep coming back, because the Macmillan site has so much to offer. Whether you're a teacher or learner of English, or you need to use English in your job or for your studies, the Macmillan Dictionary is a one-stop shop that caters for all your reference needs.

About the presenter:Michael Rundell is Editor-in-Chief of the Macmillan Dictionaries and a director of Lexicography MasterClass, a company that runs dictionary projects and training courses in lexicography and lexical computing. He is the co-author (with Sue Atkins) of the Oxford Guide to Practical Lexicography (2008).

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