Macmillan Online Conference “Back to School 2023”

29 Серпня 15:00
Macmillan Online Conference “Back to School 2023”

Day 1 29 August, 2023

A new school year usually leaves us with the same old challenge - while some of our students are ready to pick up where they left off before the summer break, others need much more time to revise, recall and sometimes even re-gain their language skills. As we enter the classroom in September, equipped with great lesson plans and new ideas, the question still remains - how to diagnose the learning gaps and make up for them in a meaningful and effective way, so that no student is left behind?

15:00 – 15:05 Inna Nestoiter, привітання від команди видавництва “Макміллан”

15.05 – 16.05 Małgorzata Mróz: No student left behind – How to make a great start of a new school year with your primary learners (grades 1-4).

In the first session I will focus on young learners, and using examples from the Academy Stars series I will present a bunch of low-prep, coursebook-based lesson ideas for reading, grammar and vocabulary that will help you enhance your students' language skills and facilitate progress in your (very) mixed-ability class from day one.

16:05-16:15 Inna Nestoiter: Macmillan Diagnostic Tools for ensuring a successful start to the new school year

16:15-17:15 Małgorzata Mróz: No student left behind – How to make a great start of a new school year with your teen learners (grades 5-6).

In the second session, I will concentrate on teenage learners and using examples from the All Clear course I will discuss the main challenges on higher levels, such as the complexity and the amount of knowledge at this point of learning, as well as propose a couple of solutions that tackle the issue of starting the new semester with some significant learning gaps from the previous year.

Both sessions will be full of very practical, simple, quick, and classroom-tested activities ready for you to use as soon as you start the new school year.

17.15 – 17.30 Summary of the Day

About the speaker:
Małgorzata Mróz has been teaching English for over 13 years now. She obtained her CELTA qualification in 2014 and since then she has been developing her skills not only as a teacher but also a teacher trainer by taking part in Erasmus Plus programmes for teachers at NILE centre in the UK where she was studying teacher training techniques and ICT methods. Małgorzata has worked with all age groups, from primary to adult, teaching both general.

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