Macmillan Ukraine Online Conference “BACK TO SCHOOL”

29 Серпня 15:00
Macmillan Ukraine Online Conference “BACK TO SCHOOL”

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Запрошуємо на щорічну конференцію видавництва "Макміллан" для вчителів англійської мови Macmillan Ukraine Online Conference “BACK TO SCHOOL”

Дата проведення: 29 - 30 серпня

Day 1

15.00 – 15.15 Inna Nestoiter, привітання від комантди видавництва “Макміллан”

15.15 – 16.15 Czesław Kiński, за підручником “All Clear”
Feed them back and let them feed forward: on the role of formative assessment strategies in teaching speaking and writing

If there’s anything about learning a foreign language learning that teenagers enjoy, it is communication. At the same time, many of them don’t always feel like developing what they say or write in English. This may be due to at least two reasons: first, they often lack the resources or ideas needed to express what they want. Second, they are not aware of what they have already achieved in their language learning nor do they realize what areas of their linguistic competence they should work on.
In my session, I’m going to demonstrate how you can help your students produce better quality English in speech and writing by incorporating key elements of formative assessment.
Together we’ll analyze ways of giving feedback that will help our students develop, expand and perfect their language skills. Last, by no means least, we’ll also consider the potential that receiving effective feedback can unlock in your students.

16.30 – 17.30 Jane Cadwallader, за підручником “Academy Stars”
Becoming good readers … in English.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body” (Addison) and most teachers would agree on the importance of developing reading with children.
When it comes to reading in a foreign language the challenges become greater! We need to encourage children to transfer and develop the skills and strategies they use in their own language at the same time as increasing their knowledge of the new one … and enjoying this experience at the same time!
This is obviously more difficult when classes are online but we will look at what makes “a good reader” and how we can adapt our approach, using practical examples to help children to read confidently and competently in English. Some of the examples will come from Academy Stars.

17.30 – 17.45 – Summary of the Day!

Реєстрація за посиланням https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_tCvPz_HiQcuzrnnnC5cVdw