Macmillan Authors for Ukrainian Colleagues

23 Травня 14:00
Macmillan Authors for Ukrainian Colleagues

Шановні колеги!
23 травня запрошуємо взяти участь у міжнародній конференції для вчителів англійської мови
 Macmillan Authors for Ukrainian Colleagues від провідних світових експертів ELT.
Вони організовують цю зустріч спеціально для українських вчителів.

Реєстрація за посиланням: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_FkBRFY5KQ4q5VsDIScq8ew

Date: 23rd May 2022
Time: 14:00 – 18:00

Conference programme
A short welcome address from Macmillan Education team
14:15 Special guest Ben Crystal
Art, Language, Play. The many paths of resistance.

Ben will speak about the importance of brave, inspirational, playful teachers; the value of art in dealing with anxiety; the great worth in learning languages; the craft of expressing your self; and the rebellious joy of playing with words.

14:30 – 15:15
Jane Cadwallader
Have you got something to say?
This talk will explore some practical ideas on how to help children do good presentations … and in English .
Being able to express yourself in front of other people is extremely important whatever you do in life. Giving a presentation in English, from simple “show and tell” activities to book reviews or telling the class about an environmental issue, brings together vocabulary, grammar, functional language, discourse and phonology. This session will look at some ways to make children more confident when giving presentations and some guidelines on how to help them be more effective at the same time.
15:15 – 16:00
Fiona Mauchline
Remote, remotely, remoteness: teaching vocab in an Online World
Sitting staring at a coursebook or a screen for most of your learning is not the ideal way for memorable learning moments to happen. Vocabulary learning in particular needs variety of stimuli and ‘personalisable’ contexts. This session will look at a selection of activities and tips, and reshape them for use in the remote classroom, so that vocab-learning becomes not just memorable and personalised, but sociable and fun.

16:00 – 16:45
Dave Spencer
The Incredibles: Teachers and their amazing superpowers!
Just like Clark Kent, in their day-to-day lives teachers usually prefer to hide their superpowers in order to keep their true identities secret. But, no, in this session it’s time to shout out about our many special abilities! The ultimate aim of this talk will be to remind you of just some of the unique strengths that all teachers possess, but that we (and others) sometimes forget or take for granted. No capes are required for the talk.

16:45 – 17:30
Marta Rosińska
Coaching Activities with a Huge Language Pay-off

Teachers all over the world have been using, often unknowingly, coaching techniques in their teaching for years now. Currently, in these turbulent times, they have become even more desirable as students need support in more than just their linguistic competences. This session will explore the potential of simple yet effective coaching activities – we’ll look at a number of practical activities which marry the two aspects of our job: building our students' self-awareness and self-esteem and simply teaching vocabulary, grammar and language skills.

Special guest Simon Gfeller – an opera tenor, pronunciation coach and senior content writer & Instructional lead @ ELSA Speak

About speakers

Ben Crystal is an actor, author, producer, & explorer of Shakespeare rehearsal, production & education, based in Wales. The curator of ShakespeareEnsemble.com, he has collaborated with Shakespeare’s Globe, The British Council, and the British Library, and is an Associate Artist at the Shakespeare’s North Playhouse. He gives talks and workshops around the world, and is a TEDx speaker.

Jane Cadwallader has taught children in pre-primary and primary schools for over 30 years. She has given courses and talks for the British Council and for local government teacher training organizations in Europe, South America and Africa. She is also an experienced teacher trainer and has co-authored a number of courses and readers for young and very young learners. She is a co-author of Academy Stars, a Macmillan Education ELT course for primary which integrates critical thinking into a solid and staged approach to teaching grammar and vocabulary as well as the four skills.

Fiona Mauchline is a writer, trainer and teacher, who specialises in secondary and young adults, and teaches ELT Materials Writing on the MA TESOL at Oxford Brookes University. She is the co-author of secondary courses including All Clear for Ukraine and Motivate (Macmillan Education) and author of Using Graded Readers in the Classroom (Macmillan Education), How to write secondary materials (ELT Teacher2Writer) and ETpedia Vocabulary (Pavilion Publishing). She is also co-founder of EVE: Equal Voices in ELT and the founder of IATEFL TDSIG’s weekly #SIGTweetMeet. She publishes regular teaching and training ideas on her new website quantumelt.com.

David Spencer is a world-leading teacher trainer and a practicing secondary school teacher working in a school near Madrid. His interest in languages began at an early age and he began teaching English when he spent a year in Spain whilst studying Spanish and French at Oxford University. Dave has been writing courses for teenagers for Macmillan since 1994 and is best known as the author of the popular Gateway series, the latest edition of which has just been published. Dave has given talks and visited schools in many different countries and is active on social media at https://www.facebook.com/teachwithdave where he loves being in touch with teachers from all over the world.

Marta Rosińska is a very prolific and highly esteemed ELT author. Her main publications are devoted to exam preparation, including, Get 200! for Ukraine.
Marta Rosińska holds an MA in Linguistics (University of Łódź) and Advanced Diploma in English Teaching Management (University of Cambridge). Marta is a conference speaker, senior lecturer, head teacher trainer and Director of Studies at the English Language Centre, University of Łódź. She is a freelance teacher trainer, mentor and Academic Projects Director for DOS ELTea, including the innovative Teacher Trainer Academy course, shortlisted for the prestigious British Council ELTON award 2016, ELT Author Academy and Thought Leader Academy.

Simon Gfeller is based in Boston (USA), Simon Gfeller specialises in elocution and spoken English training for executives and academics. He has taught pronunciation and accent management privately for the past 7 years. Having originally trained in the performing art, Simon regularly performs in operas internationally. He also works as a voiceover artist from time to time!
Pre-covid, Simon worked as a pronunciation coach for Regent School Cambridge, one of the UK's leading institution in ESL training. He regularly leads group workshops and staff training sessions on elocution and useful teaching methods in the field of English pronunciation.
Simon currently works as Senior Content Writer & Instructional Lead for ELSA, an English speaking app that uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to help its users with English fluency & proficiency.

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