Back to School: Motivating Learning Online for all Students

26 Серпня 12:00
Back to School: Motivating Learning Online for all Students

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"Back to School: Motivating Learning Online for all Students"

Презентатор: Anna Hasper

Дата поведення: 26 серпня 2021 року

Час проведення: 12.00 та 17.00 (за українським часом, вебінар буде проведено два рази в різний час)

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While most teachers are now more confident teaching with technology and online, many teachers are still reporting that student motivation remains a challenge. In this interactive webinar, Anna Hasper explores the concept of motivation and highlights the importance of shifting away from teachers motivating learners to student-generated motivation and finding ways to ignite the fire from within.

Anna is a primary-trained ELT teacher from New Zealand, currently based in Dubai. She has worked as a teacher of young learners and adults and is a teacher trainer on Cambridge accredited courses, face to face and online. She’s a self-confessed addict to learning and is passionate about enabling teachers to enhance effective learning for all learners. Anna regularly presents internationally and writes for English Teaching Professional and Modern English Teacher. Her special interests are teacher development, educational psychology and enhancing effective learning.