Macmillan Ukraine Online Conference “BACK TO SCHOOL”

26 Серпня 15:00
Macmillan Ukraine Online Conference “BACK TO SCHOOL”

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Дата проведення: 26 серпня

Час проведення: 15.00 - 18.00

Реєстрація за посиланням тут

Час: 15.00 – 16.00
Gosia Mroz, Macmillan Education Teacher Trainer

A back-to-school kit - practical ideas for the beginning of the school year

The whole year of on-and-off remote teaching has been quite a challenge for us teachers, as well as our students. On the one hand, countless hours spent in front of computer screens required much more effort to stay focused throughout language lessons. On the other hand, teaching on-line has opened up a lot of opportunities to try out new digital tools and new ways of interacting with learners. We all hope our students have become more independent and are looking forward to coming back to our face-to-face classes, but, as we all fear, the reality might prove otherwise.

Our role is to make sure that the transition to 'offline' is smooth and provides our learners with enough support and understanding while putting them back on track. In this session I'd like to discuss some things we need to be ready for in September, including (re)building relationships after a long break and planning lessons that tackle anticipated issues in advance. We’ll also look at how to engage students, especially in mixed-ability classes, in the process of creating lessons, to make them realize how much progress has (or has not) been made since we switched to online.

As always, I'll provide you with a lot of practical lesson tricks and ideas, all of them based on the All Clear course, so you'll be ready to kick off in September feeling confident and inspired.


In this session you will learn:
• how to deal with some issues that are likely to appear in the upcoming year
• how to (re-)build a good rapport with your students
• how to manage your mixed-ability classes in the face-to-face or hybrid context
• how to involve your students in the lesson planning process

Час: 16.00 – 17.00

Czesław Kiński, Macmillan Education Teacher Trainer

Putting the pieces together - ideas for the first lessons after the comeback

Returning to class after a holiday is often connected with the mixed emotions of excitement and apprehension, and this year these feelings seem to be more intense than ever before. We are all hoping to get back to regular teaching after almost three semesters of forced separation. This means meeting some of our older students after a long break and seeing others in real life after many weeks of online learning.

In my session, I am going to share tips that will help you to create a successful learning environment from the very first lessons in September. I will discuss the ways in which you can help your students manage their emotions, as well as present activities that will give them a chance to use English in relevant contexts. You will be leaving the session with a lot of ideas on how to foster your classroom relationships and make your students more motivated about the forthcoming school year. I will be illustrating my points with references to Gateway B1, a successful upper-primary course from Macmillan.


What you will learn in this session:

- how to increase your students’ willingness to communicate;
- how to create opportunities for meaningful language practice;
- how to (re)build relationships and create a sense of expectation for the new school year.

Час: 17.00 – 18.00

Jacek Lagun, Macmillan Education Teacher Trainer

Involve me and I learn – how to engage your students from the very beginning of the new school year

Every journey begins with the first step but it is up to us, the teachers, to make sure that this first step is energetic, welcoming and, most importantly, engaging. Teachers can achieve that by making students actively involved in what happens in the classroom from the very first class in September.
In my session, I am going to show how to start a new school year by involving our students through practical, relationship building activities from day one. I am going to demonstrate how to help our students realise how much they have already learnt and that, at the same time, they still need to learn more on their journey to language success. I am also going to explain how to facilitate this shift from a passive to an active student with the help of Get 200, which I have contributed to.
In the session the teacher you will learn how to:
- involve the students in the process of understanding how much they know
- show the students what their learning needs are
- start / continue building positive relationship with their students