Getting Ready for B2 First Share

3 Червня 17:00
Getting Ready for B2 First Share

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"Getting Ready for B2 First Share"

Презентатор: Roy Norris

Дата поведення: 3 червня 2021 року

Час проведення: 17.00 (за українським часом)


What’s the best way to prepare my students for the transformation exercise in the Use of English paper? What tips can you give for the Listening paper? If you have questions like this about the Cambridge B2 First exam, you might find the answers you need in this one-hour question and answer session with me, Roy Norris, author of Ready for B2 First 4th edition and Straight to First. I’ll be addressing your concerns about preparation for the exam based on 20 years of coursebook writing and many more of teaching.

About the Speaker

Roy Norris worked for many years as a teacher and teacher trainer at IH Madrid, and also spent nearly two years as Director of Studies in Vilnius, Lithuania. He has been writing for Macmillan since 1999, and is the author of Ready for B2 First (now in its 4th edition), Straight to First and Straightforward Advanced, and co-author of Ready for Advanced.

Увага! Деталі та реєстрація на нашому міжнародному сайті https://www.macmillanenglish.com/ua/training-events/events-webinars/event/roy-norris-getting-ready-for-b2-first