Planning for Maximizing Fluency

9 Квітня 17:00
Planning for Maximizing Fluency

Запрошуємо вчителів, які викладають у молодшій школі, взяти участь у вебінарі за участі міжнародного тренера Margorzata Mroz

Дата: 9 квітня 2021 року
Час проведення: 17:00 - 18.00 (український час)

Тема: "Planning for Maximizing Fluency"

Презентатор: Margorzata Mroz, вчитель, ELT тренер.

Join and learn how good lesson planning can help you support your students throughout the year! Collect a set of unique post-webinar materials including an extra handout with various lesson plan templates, certificate of attendance and presentation slides.

You will learn to:

• plan using songs and chants to work on students' oral fluency
• help your students use dialogue patterns creatively to gain confidence
• plan work on pronunciation patterns to help your students sound more natural

Реєстрація за посиланням https://macmillanenglish.clickmeeting.com/planning-for-maximizing-fluency/register

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Małgorzata Mróz has been teaching English for over 13 years now. She obtained her CELTA qualification in 2014 and since then she has been developing her skills not only as a teacher but also a teacher trainer by taking part in Erasmus Plus programmes for teachers at NILE centre in the UK where she was studying teacher training techniques and ICT methods.

Małgorzata has worked with all age groups, from primary to adult, teaching both general English and exam courses. Currently based in Hamburg, she works online full-time at a private language school “Ach i Och” in Warsaw, where she also supports beginner and experienced teachers with classroom management, course preparation and professional development.

As a teacher trainer, she has given multiple talks in conferences and webinars in Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, as well as taken part as a speaker in events such as PASE or PASE YL, as a member of Macmillan teacher training team, and LANG Teacher Training Centre. She became a certified Cambridge YL examiner in 2015 and has taken part in many exam sessions at LANG TTC, where she has also conducted Cambridge TKT YL and TKT CLIL courses.

Her main professional focus is supporting learners in developing cognitive skills, designing CLIL lessons for young learners and teens, implementing formative assessment, and lexical approach in teaching high levels.

Her greatest passion, apart from teaching, is learning. She is a keen student of German and Armenian and a passionate traveller, always ready to learn new stories and acquire a new perspective on teaching.

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