Balancing Grammar Accuracy and Fluency

28 Січня 12:00
Balancing Grammar Accuracy and Fluency

Запрошуємо взяти участь у міжнародному вебінарі на тему:

"Balancing Grammar Accuracy and Fluency"

Презентатор: Jane Cadwallader

Дата поведення: 28 січня 2021 року

Час проведення: 12.00 (за українським часом) та 18.00 (вебінар буде проведено два рази в різний час)


How can we best encourage accuracy and how much of our children’s time should we spend focusing on this and how much on encouraging children to “use” language to express themselves? This is something that concerns most EFL teachers!

We have asked teachers from around the world for their specific questions. Jane will draw on her experience as a teacher and as a course book writer to give her own ideas and tips to answer some of these.

Jane Cadwallader has taught children in pre-primary and primary for many years. She is also an experienced teacher trainer and has co-authored a number of courses and readers for young and very young learners. She is a co-author of Academy Stars, a Macmillan Education ELT course for primary which integrates critical thinking into a solid and staged approach to teaching grammar and vocabulary as well as the four skills.

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