Online Conference “Macmillan Autumn School”

28 Жовтня 15:00
Online Conference “Macmillan Autumn School”

Запрошуємо взяти участь в онлайн конференції: “Macmillan Autumn School”

Дата: 28 жовтня 2020 року

Час проведення: 15:00 - 18.00 (український час)

14.30 – 15.00 Registration (о 14.30 на сайті буде активною кнопка START WEBINAR )

15.00 – 16.00 Session 1: “Lessons which DO make a difference”, presenter Marta Rosinska, author of “Get 200”, ZNO preparation course book, Teacher Trainer

What is a well-planned, effective, and student-friendly lesson? When does a lesson become more memorable and accessible from the point of view of a student's brain? Have you ever tried to answer these questions and, thus, improve your teaching? If so, join me during my webinar and find out:
- what makes lessons coherent, less forgettable and fun
- what type of input students respond to the best
- what techniques you can use to hack into teenage students' cognitive abilities.

16.00 – 17.00 Session 2: “Creating digital learning experiences in teenage classrooms”, presenter Inna Nestoiter, Macmillan Ukraine methodologist

This session will provide you with the ideas on how we can organize our classes in order not to lose their autonomy but rather promote their independent learning, especially when it comes to teaching and learning grammar. We will also talk about flexible digital solutions for doing and checking homework.

17.00 – 18.00 Session 3: “Maximizing your mixed-ability class potential”, presenter Nina Sisei, Macmillan Ukraine methodologist

There are many different factors which can affect our learners’ ability to progress in the classroom. Learners of the same age group may differ in levels of knowledge, autonomy and learning styles. In this session we will look at how to meet such challenges while teaching in grades 5-7, and share practical tips for effective teaching, with minimum lesson preparation time.

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