Ukraine Online Conference Teaching in the new normal: challenges & solutions

20 Серпня 15:00
Ukraine Online Conference Teaching in the new normal: challenges & solutions

Ukraine Online Conference

Teaching in the new normal: challenges & solutions

August 19th – 20th 2020

Intro text:

In these uncertain times we all face unprecedented challenges as the teaching profession. Will our learners go back to their school desks on Sept 1st, will they stay at home, or will there be some sort of mixed, hybrid system not known as of yet? How can we begin to prepare for all such scenarios, what strategies to adopt, which materials and tools should we select?

That’s what this conference intends to help you with. Thanks to our great trainers – who are fantastic teachers themselves, with years of experience in the classroom – we’ll bring to you a huge number of practical, tried-and-tested solutions, tips and tricks, ready to take straight into your classrooms, on-line, off-line, or any combination of the two.

Day 2

Session 1
Presenter: Karolina Kotorowicz-Jasinska

New school reality – what (not) to flip to design lessons smartly

In the last few months schools, teachers and teaching methods have undergone a major change and everyone will agree that nothing in education will ever be the same. At the beginning of compulsory distance learning we all felt a bit uncertain and experimented with various techniques, some of which proved effective (while others not so much…). In order to avoid some of those mistakes and prepare well for whatever the new school year may bring, we need to be really smart about how to choose appropriate materials, traditional as well as digital. And how to exploit their potential to the full, whether we’ll teach on-line or face-to-face. How should we go about it?

That’s what I want to help out with during this practical session. I believe that we need to use the benefits of flipped classroom as well as combine synchronous and asynchronous teaching techniques in an organized way. This will require expanding our repertoire of teaching techniques and learning how to take more knowledgeable decisions in lesson planning. I’ll show you how to do it all step by step, illustrating with some great materials from Gateway 2.0.

Session 2

Presenter: Jacek Łagun

Lesson planning in the unpredictable world

Looking at the last few months, one might say that no plans make sense as we cannot control our future. And yet plan we must, in education at least. Planning is crucial, both at the micro level of a single lesson and more globally – when deciding which materials to select and which strategies to adopt. This is particularly important in the case of courses whose key objective is to prepare students effectively for a major exam. And if we are really smart about it, we need to be quite flexible and make the choices that will help ourselves and our students face-to-face, on-line, or in some sort of as yet unspecified hybrid teaching reality.
In my session, I intend to do just that. I’ll present how the content that we choose to teach should influence our lesson plan. I will also suggest different types of lesson plans that you as the teacher can employ, depending on your lesson goals. I will also demonstrate how these plans will work both in online and face-to-face teaching contexts. Most of my suggestions will be based on the new version of Get 200, published by Macmillan.

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