Engaging teens? It's not all about technology...

19 Травня 12:00
Engaging teens? It's not all about technology...

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"Engaging teens? It's not all about technology..."

Презентатор: Anna Hasper

Дата поведення: 19 травня 2020 року

Час проведення: 12.00 (за українським часом) та 18.00 (вебінар буде проведено два рази в різний час)


Most teens are more digitally literate then we will ever be, so don't get hung up on overloading your teens with the lastest cutting-edge Apps and tools whilst teaching online. Engaging teens online is not all about technology...

About the Speaker

Anna Hasper is an educational consultant and learning & teacher development specialist based in Dubai. She has worked in education for over 18 years in a wide variety of contexts with the British Council, International House, IDP IELTS and various universities. She holds an MEd in Applied Linguistics, an MA in Public Administration as well as a PGCE (primary), CELTA and DELTA. Her special interest is teacher education, particularly the areas of educational psychology, effective learning and empowering teachers in low resource contexts. Her work includes materials development, course writing, teacher training, educational reform and developing bespoke professional learning programmes. She’s a CELTA trainer & assessor with in-depth experience of training teachers in challenging context worldwide. Anna regularly delivers professional learning and development for teachers in private and public sectors, both face to face and online.

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