Online Conference "Spring School"

2 Квітня 15:00
Online Conference "Spring School"

Запрошуємо вчителів, які викладають у молодшій школі, взяти участь у нашій
Macmillan Online Conference “Spring School”

Дата: 2 квітня

Час проведення: 15:00 - 16.00 (український час)

Тема: "Games that teach"

Презентатор: Margorzata Mroz, вчитель, ELT тренер.

Using games to teach English to young learners is a must for many reasons. First of all, children’s attention span is rather short at the beginning of their learning process and games can help us keep them interested and eager to learn. Secondly, games serve as a tool to teach values, good behaviour and cooperation with other young learners. Finally, game-based activities encourage the youngest students to use English in a fun and safe environment, building positive connotations in their minds. But how do I, a teacher, know which games convey some educational values? What criteria should those games meet? How many games is too little and how many is already too much?

In this very practical session I’d like to present a set of low or non-prep yet very valuable language games and activities based on the Academy Stars course that will help our youngest students use the language they learn actively and with confidence. Academy Stars 1,2

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