Macmillan Online Conference

30 Серпня 14:00
Macmillan Online Conference

Welcome to Macmillan Online Conference!

14.00 - 14.45: "Teaching English in the Kindergarten", Jeanne Perrett, teacher, Macmillan author for primary and pre-primary, teacher-trainer. 

What shall we do with the little ones today? Teaching English in the kindergarten.
A lot of our time with pre-schoolers is spent getting them used to routines and how to behave sociably at school. Of course, we also want to introduce them to basic, relevant vocabulary and gently familiarise themselves with understanding spoken English and saying phrases and words themselves. With the help of Little Learning Stars and Learning Stars, all of that can be done with songs, games, stories and chants.
In this webinar Jeanne Perrett will guide you through the essentials and give lots of ideas for simple, useful activities to keep your little learners happy and busy.

15.00 - 15.45: "Young Learners: Developing Basic Communication Skills Based on Way Ahead for Ukraine" Grade 1", Anna Parr, CELTA trainer

All young learners share one precious characteristic – eagerness to learn. However, the advantage of early start is possible only in a carefully prepared child-centered teaching environment. How do we create an English teaching context in a classroom where the learners are only starting to read and write? What we need is a clear focus on language that can be taught through the two most powerful skills: listening and speaking. Simple communication tasks, that often take the form of games, give young learners an opportunity to use the new language in meaningful contexts and interactions increase their motivation to learn.

In this session we are going to look at a number of practical ideas on how to construct basic communicative contexts with young learners who depend mainly on their listening and speaking skills. We will see how simple elements of play can be introduced into to the classroom to increase motivation and effectiveness of language learning. Finally, we will also look at some ready to use techniques of class management that work with young children and make the whole English learning experience a controlled yet exciting adventure for both the learners and the teachers.

16.00 - 16.45: "Get 200!": Teaching Lexical Accuracy to Do Well in the Exam", Marta Rosinska, teacher, teacher-trainer, books and ELT materials author, including "Get 200!", examiner. 

In the era of communicative teaching, accuracy somehow gets far less attention in our classrooms that it should do. However, it is the lack of accuracy that prevents our students from doing their best in the exam especially when it comes to multiple choice, gap fill or writing tasks. Therefore, in this webinar  the presenter would like to talk about the importance of lexical accuracy and ways in which we can help our learners improve it. Lots of practical tips and hand-on activities guaranteed!!!

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